On this page I have compiled links to other websites, each with a brief reference to the content.

Pages written in Bahasa Indonesia or foreign languages can be translated with the Google translator.

If you find further links, please send them to me.


General Travel Information (Germany)
Auswaertiges Amt
- Information about general security, visa, and health
Indonesische Botschaft Berlin - Details about Indonesia
Indonesisches Generalkonsulat Frankfurt - Details about visas

Medical Information (Germany)
CRM Centrum Fuer Reisemedizin - General medical advice
DTG Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Tropenmedizin - Medical advice for malaria, and others (Pdf)
Bali Survival Guide - Medical and other advices applies not only to Bali

Flights and Boats to Sumba
Lion Air - with its daughter Wings Air flies daily Denpasar to Tambolaka and further to Ende, and Denpasar to Waingapu and further to Kupang
Srivijaya Air - with its daughter Nam Air flies 3 times a week from Denpasar to Waingapu and further to Kupang
Ticketindonesia - Here you can book flights within Indonesia on the internet, they accept foreign credit cards
Pelni - KM Awu has regular cruises from and to Waingapu. If the page doesn't work, please click one of the following links:
Jurnalis NTT Blogspot - timetable of the Pelni (KM Awu)
Marathon Boot Blogspot - timetable of the Pelni (KM Wilis)
ASDP - Ferry from Sumbawa, Flores, Timor, and Savu. Website is up to date; even online bookings may be possible

Tourist Information about Sumba
Wikipedia - General information with many links
Sumba Adventure Tours or Sumba Island Tours - Websites of Philipus Renggi. He and his team drive you preferably with cars but also with motorcycles to all corners of the island. Not cheap but competent and flexible.
Tour Sumba - Website of Hugo Dalupe in Tambolaka. He has just published his Website but it is not working properly yet. Tours are highly recommended for West Sumba
Soft Adventure Tourism - Report to destinations in East Sumba and in Wanggameti National Park
Blogspot: South of East Sumba - Photos and Reports particularly interesting is the description of the area around Mahaniwa and Ramuk
Travel Guide to Salura - current and very informative report on a visit to the island of Salura
Blogspot: Area around Tarimbang - A detailed trip report
Blogspot: Wordpress - I love Sumba – Blogs, mainly about culture, tourism and sights
Independenttravel and culture guides to Indonesia - Sumba part is something like a short form of my website, and has many tips for travel planning.
Wisata Air Terjun Sumba - List and description of waterfalls in Sumba. All pictures are wrong
Parawisata Sumba Tengah - overview to tourist destinations in Central Sumba
Trip Sumba - hodgepodge of (unchecked) information and pictures from other websites

Cultural Information about Sumba
Rumah Budaya Sumba = House of Culture - from the point of view of the Catholic Church; information about Marapu religion, rituals, festivals, and lifestyles as well as facilities of the Catholic Church in Waitabula
Waikabubak - Fragments of a website on culture in Waikabubak, dictionary of the local language
Wanukaka - Detailed information about culture of the Wanukaka district, dictionary of the local language, verses to ritual chanting, one of a kind
 – Website about land rights, history, and women
Insidestory refugee problems Sumba / Australia
 – Report about the restrictive asylum policies of Australia and establishment of internment or concentration camps
Uni Muenchen - Elvira Rothe
 - Dissertation University Munich about the Wulla Poddu, mighty and very informative
YouTube Music in Sumba
 - Information and YouTube Clip with music and dancing
Ikat in Sumba
 - Ikat information and samples
Galeri Sumba Heritage - website of the gallery of the weaver cooperative in Melolo
Festival Wai Humba
- Music, culture and environment festival. Takes place every year in October or November in different places in Sumba. There is currently no own website - but some links can be found in social networks via the keyword Komunitas Waihumba.

Nature and National parks in Sumba
World Wildlife Fund - An inventory of forest areas and endemic bird species in Sumba
Bird Life Org - A description of the ecological changes in Sumba and goals of the organization
Burung Org  - A description of the bird world of Sumba
Sumbamenjaga Burung Eendemik - Blogs and pictures about birds in Sumba
Gunung Bagging Wanggameti – Detailed description of the experiences while trekking to the highest mountain on Sumba, Gunung / Palindi Wanggameti
Manupeu Tanah Daru - Complete and detailed information about the National Park

Development Projects in Sumba
Water4Sumba Video Clip – Project documentation, drinking water supply by solar powered pumping systems
Stichting Ontluikend Sumba - Dutch foundation for social and medical assistance. Detailed information about history and local languages
Sumba Foundation - Report on the work areas of the Nihiwatu near Foundation. Subjects are health, food, and water supply
Watch Indonesia - association based in Berlin that cares about human rights, democracy and development in Indonesia
Project Hope Sumba / Yayasan Haparan Sumba - Description of the situation in Southwest Sumba. Work of the organization in the areas of water, sanitation, education, disability, and health
Sumba Hospitality Foundation - 2016 opened college of hotel management for young people from Sumba under international line.
Koppesda - Indonesian project that is active in the areas of conservation of natural resources, regional development and sustainability. Site in Indonesian language. The name is an acronym that means roughly: coordination, evaluation and management of natural resources.
Yasuka Sumba - Warning! Behind this site are persons, who might receive money for personal or commercial purposes. At least there is no project documentation

Commercial Information about Sumba
Jarak Pagar Biodiesel – Information on bio diesel project in West Sumba
Down to Earth – Report: gold mining project in the National Park

Official Homepages
Wisata NTT - Tourism in NTT Nusa Tenggara Timur, brief descriptions about sights (the website is currently not active)
Pengembangan Ekowisata Berbasis - Detailed article about tourist highlights and ecotourism in East Sumba
Sumba Timur - Website of the administration of East Sumba. Has detailed descriptions of tourist sights in East Sumba - Blogs and news, particular about East Sumba and Waingapu. Many articles on society, culture, and politics
Sumba Community - This website is a forum for information, and opinions about Sumba – interesting not only for Indonesian people

Hotels and Accommodations in Sumba
Pesona Sumba / Pantai Cemara – at Pantai Kambera in northeast Sumba, small, quiet, stylish but priced very high
Hotel Padadita – Has just been opened. Located directly on the mangrove coast. Is the most expensive and classy in town. Surroundings are desolate. Town center is 2 km away
Hotel Tanto - new website, the pictures do not relate to the hotel
Wisma Eldorado – nice little place to live 5 km from Waingapu towards the new ports. Information about Sumba
Baim Homestay - hotel information and motorcycle- and car rental
Wera Beach Resort - stylish resort in a secluded, dry environment. Take care when bathing
Amudahi Villa + Restaurant - two nice traditional bungalows, good restaurant, small pool
Ecoresort Sumbadream - Eco-oasis for relaxing and fishing, far away from the road
Kalala - Beach (Mr. David’s Surf Resort) – old archaic resort now with not up-to-date website. There would have to be a lot of updating
Sumba Adventure Resort – small resort nearby the lighthouse of Kalala
Tarimbang-Beach Marthen Homestay - Marthen has now a website with lots of pictures and current information
Rua Beach Resort - I was not allowed to look over the walls of the site
Nihiwatu - Huge fenced area, pretentious, somehow impressive, and expensive
Sumba Nautil Resort - Is not quite so exclusive, in the country, near Marosi beach
Musa Homestay Kerewe - was the first in Kerwe and is now finally online
Sumba Sunset Kerewe – Small homestay with a fantastic view on Kerewe Beach
Watukaka Resort - is a tiny, individual, stylish, remote, and extremely and high-priced resort ... decide yourself, whether that is good for you and your wallet
Newa Sumba Resort – Quiet but somehow orphaned, near airport Tambolaka.
Oro Beach Houses and Restaurant - close to the airport Tambolaka, individual resort, to relax, swim and snorkel. It is an excellent place to start to explore the island, good advices
Mario Hotel - is at the beach Mananga Aba... further description temporarily deleted
Maringi Eco Resort / Sumba Hospitality Foundation - college of hotel management with attached hotel business. You live in stylish round houses and can be pampered by the hotel school students. 3 km from the beach
Airbnb – Is now also available in Sumba
Holiday Check – some more information about accommodation
Tripadvisor – some more information about accommodation

Pictures and Videos - Pictures from the years 1998/1999
commons.wikimedia - Current and unique historical pictures
Sumba Adventure Club - Blogspot with pictures of the Sumba Adventure Club
DuniArt Photo Blog Sumba - Pictures and blogs to traditional Sumba.
Kaburbentar Blog - Pictures and description of a journey
Google Maps / Google Earth - Here I have put as "Local Guide" many pictures
YouTube Sumba Festivals - At this address or by the keywords Sumba + Festival + Festival-name + Place I put in some of my small video clips.
YouTube Sumba Information - At this address I collected some other informative video clips about Sumba.

Mapcarta - Sumba - Similar Google Earth but with only a few place names
Wikimapia - Sumba - Similar Google Earth but with only a few place names but many local entries and notes
Map Pulau Sumba - Topographic overview map of Sumba 1:250000, the descriptions are partly trash
OpenStreetMap - Streets and places in Sumba, especially in East Sumba very detailed and correct. App version is the best that can be used offline