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Keyword list on this website

Names of Places which are not mentioned in the text of this website are given here, in order to provide Keywords:
Places mentioned in other guidebooks and maps, but from my point of view they do not exist are among others: Kabanda, Kadolu, Kwandu, Laiwita, Lajuli, Langgai, Lepanjir, Mananca, Maru, Maubakat, Melahar, Petawang, Pededewatu, Tanareu, Praikarambua, Waibanca, Waiholi, Weha,… .
Places that are not mentioned in the text but only in the Sumba Map are among others: Aukakehok, Bidihunga, Dasang, Hambawutang, Kabenda, Kahale, Kahiri, Kamanggi, Kambata Wundut, Kataka, Kondamara, Kotak Kawau, Lahara, Laindaki, Lairuru, Laiwotung, Laundi, Mahubokul, Makamenggit, Maubokul, Maudjawa, Mbatapuhu, Palla, Pamburu, Patawang, Poronumbu, Praimbana, Praingkalala, Puunga, Rara, Tandulajangga, Waibunga, Yumbu … .